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Only since the end of 2003 has unmarried fathers been able to secure automatic parental responsibility by having their name on the child's birth certificate. Any child born to unmarried parents prior to that date had one legally recognised parent namely the Mother. The natural father can secure parental responsibility by agreement (Parental Responsibility Agreement) or by court order. Generally the Court's view is that it is in the child's interests for the order to be made in the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary. Anything which reinforces the father's role and importance in the relationship with the child is encouraged provided it is in the child's interests.

Sometimes on separation contact between the children and the absent parent can be difficult or cease. Many of these situations can be resolved through mediation but if not the remedy may be to apply to the court for an order under s 8 of the Children Act 1989 to define the children’s arrangements or other remedies. Spectrum Family law has a wealth of experience in this area including having the resource to call upon experts in the field of family therapy; family related social work and experienced barristers skilled in this area of the law. Every effort is made to deal with the situation sensitively while presenting our client's case effectively, particularly against implacably hostile parents opposed with no apparent justification to the exclusion of the other parent.

Throughout any dispute relating to children the focus remains the best interests of the children themselves.

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