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05 September 2022
The Holiday Season and Relationships

September sees the end of the main holiday period as schools re-open and summer moves into autumn.  This often coincides with a surge in divorce enquiries.  This is not to say that being with the children has been the trigger but couples simply wait until the children are back at school to reflect and take action. Where there are no children it is sometimes that the holiday has made couples realise they are moving in different directions.

While holidays should be a time of relaxation and fun they can also highlight issues within the relationship which may not be so visible in normal everyday life.  It can be a story of two halves whereby on the one hand the couple are placed in a protective bubble where problems are left at home until they return while the alternative is that any niggles and problems within the relationship are brought to the fore and intensify as the couple are thrown together 24/7.

High expectations are often placed on the long awaited holiday with the chance to escape everyday life and enjoy time spent away from the family home.  This is particularly the case following the enforced stay at home and travel restrictions of the pandemic.

At the same time stress and pressures at home are mounting with the constantly increasing cost of living, soaring energy costs and even the cost of filling the car.  The constant chatter of the news does little to allay these worries.  Sometimes it does not take much for all of these pressures to ignite resulting in arguments and resentment leaving couples wondering if there is an alternative.

As the rise over recent years of more mature couples separating has shown, the ideals and plans that couples had when they were 20/30 evolve and by the time they reach their 50s/60s and beyond these are no longer of significance and the couple are moving in different directions.

Whatever the reasons for the breakdown of the relationship, taking early advice can help to focus attention on the important aspects of a split including the financial impact and arrangements for any children of the relationship and separate those aspects from the emotions.

Our experienced team at Spectrum Family Law offer the specialist advice needed to help you decide how to approach the future.  The first visit to a lawyer in the midst of relationship/family breakdown can be daunting which is why we offer our initial meeting at a discounted rate and without strict time boundaries to enable us to lay out the choices and the possible cost of each course of action.

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