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26 May 2022
Spectrum Family Law celebrates 10 year anniversary!  


2022 marks ten years since the inauguration of Spectrum Family Law. 

To all our clients, past and present, we acknowledge that reaching this milestone has been largely down to you entrusting us with your business. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to be by your side to help you out during your difficult times and on to fresh beginnings. Thank you!

Our anniversary coincides with the introduction of the new Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. These reforms are the most significant in 50 years and it is anticipated that the no fault divorce, without the need to apportion blame, will make the process less acrimonious and more dignified for the many couples who divorce each year. 

Looking to the future and the next ten years we look forward to helping our clients through the process in a more harmonious environment making what can be an emotional and difficult time a little easier.

Although the new legislation does not alter the issues surrounding the Children Act it is anticipated that by making the divorce process more amicable and lessening the animosity it will enable both separated parents to have a continuing relationship to deal with the future arrangements regarding their children.  The best interests of the child must always be the paramount objective and to achieve this it is essential that the parents continue to encourage discussion, cooperation and joint decision-making with each other. Sometimes, parents find it difficult to separate their own emotions and feelings regarding the co-parent from the actual issues concerning the child. Other than in exceptional circumstances it is always in the best interests of the child to have a happy and secure relationship with both parents.

The other important aspect of any divorce or separation is the finances and the new rules apply only to the divorce itself (and to the dissolution of Civil Partnerships and Judicial Separations) and do not alter the process for the financial settlement.  Early legal advice should be taken so that you are fully aware of the options and likely outcomes to ensure you can move on with your life in a financially secure manner.

Let us hope the next ten years will bring us all health happiness and peace.

In recognition that without your support over this time we would not have made it to our tenth birthday we are making a donation to a local charity.

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