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12 May 2021
Divorce rates spike after lockdown.

Recent surveys have revealed that divorce enquiries to law firms have risen by 95% following the pandemic.

Inevitably some couples found the enforced time together during the various lockdowns a strain particularly where there have been the added stresses of financial hardship, health concerns, home schooling and lack of space to enable some time apart from each other.  In normal circumstances work, socialising with friends and family outside of the home provides time apart, however for the past year this has not been possible for long periods of time. 

This has been more intense where households live in flats, apartments etc with no outside space.  In many cases it is not the lockdown itself that has caused the issues but it has intensified problems which were already there and brought them to the surface making couples face the fact that the relationship is in trouble.

This has been reflected in surveys where a quarter of couples have cited spending too much time together leading to arguments causing the separation.

It also appears that women are initiating the majority of queries and divorce proceedings and data from the Office for National Statistics confirms this.

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