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04 January 2021
New Year Relationship Blues.

This Christmas will have been very different for many families and couples. With the additional stresses of COVID-19 and the many and varied restrictions which became an integral part of 2020 and which set the foundations of the Christmas celebrations many will greet the new year with anticipation and hope and relief that 2020 has come to an end.

Normally, at this time of the year it is the strains of the Christmas season and the additional pressures of expenditure and dealing with relatives etc which become too much for some couples.  However, this year the pressures of Christmas have been eclipsed by the pressures which have been ongoing throughout 2020 with the prolonged enforced lockdown time together and in some cases the continuing remote home working.  There may also be added stresses of financial hardship, health concerns, home schooling and lack of space to enable some time apart from each other.

Where there were already strains within the relationship this has intensified the issues.

As New Year resolutions are made, normally light heartedly, some couples will acknowledge that their relationship is in trouble and see the New Year as the time for a new start and  their New Year resolutions will take on a more intense purpose as they take a good hard look at what they want for themselves and their families.

In this digital world there is no shortage of information about what can be done if we want to split from a partner, but more often than not the many and varied options may simply cause more confusion

This is where our experienced team at Spectrum Family Law can assist.  We offer the specialist advice needed to help you decide how to approach the future.  By outlining the options available in a variety of scenarios you are able to make an informed decision. The first visit to a lawyer in the midst of relationship/family breakdown can be daunting which is why we offer our initial meeting at a discounted rate and without strict time boundaries. The more we can glean from our clients in the first meeting the better able we are to lay out the choices and the possible cost of each course of action.

We actively encourage reaching agreement without the court process but equally where we assess the client’s needs are best met with court action we will prepare the client for what lies ahead and the likely expense. Achieving a settlement is always encouraged whatever the process being followed but this requires both parties to want to settle and be willing to compromise, but not to roll over and give in!!

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