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24 August 2020
Record number of Weddings being planned for 2021

Coronavirus has meant that many of the weddings planned for 2020 have had to be postponed with nearly 75,000 weddings cancelled between March 23 and July

Although weddings can once more take place there are still many restrictions in place with guest numbers limited to 30 resulting in many couples still preferring to wait until they can have the dream wedding they planned

Couples are now pinning their hopes on a 2021 wedding hoping that restrictions will have eased.  Venues have seen a rush by couples for bookings but getting the date they want is proving difficult and weddings are now being booked for every day of the week in 2021 rather than just the more usual Saturday.  Compromises are required. 

With 2021 looking like being a bumper year for weddings supplier businesses including the entertainment element are hoping that this will enable them to recover from the loss of business and earnings they have faced this year.

Some couples have decided they do not want to wait and that the marriage itself is more important than the ‘big wedding’.  They have decided to go ahead with a scaled back wedding, re-thinking a different version of their dream wedding. 

Rather than weddings abroad destination weddings in the UK are becoming  popular.  Enquiries about weddings in family gardens or other outdoor spaces are increasing.  However, there are legal implications with outdoor weddings as currently for the marriage to be legal the marriage has to take place in a permanent structure under a roof.  There is a push for the law to be changed to accommodate them.  It is envisaged that this will offer a healthy alternative to indoor gatherings.

The appeal of small intimate gatherings are now gathering momentum.

With extra time to plan it may be worth taking a moment to consider the merits of a prenuptial agreement.  These are useful to protect money and assets which have accumulated before a couple get married such as property, savings, shares or pension pots.

If one person has a large inheritance, owns their own property or business, for example then a prenuptial agreement is suitable.

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