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13 June 2019
We Need to Talk - Dealing with Children's Concerns during Separation

Taking the decision to end a relationship can be very difficult for all involved, but particularly so where there are children of the family. Divorce and parental separation is a recognised source of stress for children especially if the separation is acrimonius with a high level of conflict.  Protracted disputes can have long term adverse effects on children so approaching any conflict relating to them should be child focused.

Children will have many concerns and questions which need to be addressed and wherever possible these should be discussed in a calm and united manner.  This will ensure a stable and healthy outcome for the children.  It will help the child to do well at school and reduce stress and anxiety for them allowing them to grow up and move into adulthood as well adjusted and confident young people. 

The following short film provides top tips to help minimise the impact of conflict on children and emphasises the importance of working with a Resolution member.

We Need To Talk: Top tips to keep kids' best interests first during divorce or separation from Resolution on Vimeo.

As a Resolution member Spectrum Family Law are able to give detailed advice in relation to child arrangements following relationship breakdown and point you in the right direction, whether that is making an application to the court or recommending alternative methods of dispute resolution. 

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