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Spectrum Family Law are experienced family lawyers in representing your case in an assertive and proactive manner whilst being sensitive to the future needs of the family. Spectrum Family Law operates mainly in Herts, Essex and London but we also cover cases elsewhere in the country. We will use our experience to achieve a solution for you out of court or in court. The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 is the main legislation which provides the law. We can help anyone who finds themselves in conflict about the home and money in a separation. In situations where there are serious concerns about money being taken offshore or misused, we are able to act urgently to provide you with protection through court orders and Injunctions to Freeze assets.

A financial settlement is essentially who gets what when a couple separate and involves decisions about how their assets should be divided. The separating couple can be married partners, civil partners or they can be partners who have lived together. When there is a decision to separate, inevitably there will be a need to look at how their assets should be shared.

It should be remembered that there is a huge difference between the rights of married couples and those of unmarried couples when it comes to financial settlement, there is a common misconception of "common law" wife, this has no basis in law and unless you are married you have very limited claims for financial provision from each other.

It may be necessary for an application to the Court to be made where an agreement cannot be reached. However before an application can be made the law requires that a person must attend a family mediation information and assessment meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to learn about the options of mediation or other forms of dispute resolution.

If mediation is not suitable and it is not possible to reach an agreement then you may be left with no other alternative but to make an application to the Court to resolve an area of dispute. Going to Court can be stressful and this involves a lot more money as it may require us to take on a Barrister to argue your case. Where necessary we use top London Barristers for this work as it can be crucial to the outcome. Just because an application has been made, does not prevent a couple from still reaching an out of court agreement. Once the Court has heard the case it will decide what will happen with the assets and make what is considered to be a reasonable order.


During the Financial process we may have to prepare a Form E on your behalf and software to allow you to amend the form can be downloaded at Class Legal Software

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