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Initial Fixed Fee Interview at our offices

Our office is now open and we offer both face to face meetings at our office or remote meetings conducted over the telephone, Skype or video conferencing for your convenience.


At Spectrum Family Law we understand that clients are often worried about instructing solicitors because of the fear of receiving large or unexpected bills. We aim to make our fees as reasonable and transparent as possible. With this in mind, our initial diagnostic interview has been designed to provide us with an overview of your case which in turn allows us to provide you with expert advice and guide you in the right direction. The cost is £125 plus VAT. We do not time limit the meeting and will cover all aspects of your case.


Initial meeting at a location convenient to you

If it is more convenient for us to come to you then we will discuss and agree a fixed price for the meeting. For those based in London you will find this still considerably cheaper than consulting a London firm.


No obligation

Spectrum Family Law is committed to providing a quality service at a reasonable cost. This requires a relationship of trust between the solicitor and the client. We understand that you need to feel comfortable with us and with our advice as to whether to instruct a solicitor or not. Clients often feel obliged once the initial meeting is over to provide further instructions. Whereas our initial interview allows you to get to know us, us to get to know you and your matter and allows you to get the right advice at the right time and price. There is no commitment on your part to instruct us and you can be assured of the utmost confidentiality at all times.

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Every divorce is different but to help give you an indication of costs the following figures may assist.

We provide a fixed fee interview at £125 + VAT and should you wish to proceed further we will give you a personalised and detailed estimate of our costs.

Spectrum Family Law includes Margaret Porter, Solicitor and Director and Dee Finnegan a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Legal Executives and Director whose hourly rates are currently £250 plus VAT. Hilary Lettin is a Solicitor and her hourly rate is £210 plus VAT (increasing to £250 as of 01 July 2024).

VAT will be charged at the appropriate rate on all fees and expenses

On the basis that your divorce is uncontested the costs are not going to exceed £1,593 inclusive of VAT and disbursements (Court Fee £593.00). 

If the divorce proceedings become defended those costs will increase and will need to be reviewed.

Where there are financial remedy or Children Act matters to resolve and should it become necessary to make an application to the Court we will provide a cost estimate specific to the case and review the estimate as the matter progresses.

We would sincerely hope that a settlement could be reached at an early stage.  It certainly would be in both of your interests to reach a compromise that you can both live with provided you were both being reasonable in order to avoid these fees.  Always bear in mind it may be more appropriate to compromise and save money which would otherwise go to the lawyers.

There are various disbursements which are incurred as standard and these include but are not limited to:

Court fees (Court Fees do not attract VAT)


AML Electronic Verification Search Fee   £7.50  + VAT

Archive and Storage Fee                        £40.00 + VAT

Land Registry Search Fees                      £3.00 per search + VAT


There may also be third party costs such as Barristers’, foreign lawyers’, accountants, etc. and these will always be discussed and agreed with you beforehand.


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