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At Spectrum Family Law we recognise that any relationship breakdown can be draining both financially and emotionally. Our specialist family lawyers are here to guide you through the legal process and offer a range of other professional services to support you at this difficult time.

By gaining a clear understanding of your individual aims we are able to focus on providing an efficient, friendly and cost effective service to meet your needs. Whilst we encourage matters to be dealt with in a conciliatory framework we are fully prepared and equipped to take firm action where needed to further our client's best interest.

Facts about Divorce

Under the new divorce law (Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020) the only reason for divorce is Irretrievable Breakdown.  Either party can apply for divorce or both parties can do so jointly without having to apportion blame as is now the case. 

The divorce petition cannot  be contested except in exceptional circumstances such as the validity of the marriage or the jurisdiction of law. 

The time span of the divorce is a minimum of 20 weeks from the application for a Divorce and the granting of a Conditional Order (formerly the Decree Nisi).  There will then be a further six weeks between the Conditional Order and the Final Order (formerly Decree Absolute).  The initial 20 weeks is to allow couples the opportunity to reconsider and ensure that it is what they really want and are absolutely certain that the marriage is over before taking the irrevocable step.  This is, of course, the fastest time the divorce can be accomplished but this may change due to court backlogs and procedural delays.

The financial settlement or any issues surrounding children are vital aspects of any divorce and early legal advice should be taken so that you are fully aware of the options and likely outcomes to ensure you can move on with your life in a financially secure manner before finalising the divorce.

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