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A Separation agreement is otherwise known as a 'Deed of Separation' and is worth considering when parties are separating and they do not necessarily feel they are ready for divorce. Such a document allows couples to conclude their financial situation at a time when they agree to go their separate ways. This means that they properly record who is to have what and hopefully avoid the necessity of any Court proceedings. If you and your partner can agree about financial matters and the children, Solicitors can draw up a Separation agreement and if necessary we can negotiate the terms of the agreement and matters pertaining to child arrangements and family financial matters. The document will set out what you have agreed and you will not need to go to Court.

The drawing up of the Separation agreement requires each party to produce full and frank disclosure showing documentary evidence of their assets, liabilities and income. Once this information is obtained we exchange information with the other party and then discussions take place to try and reach an agreement as to a fair division of the assets.

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